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Quick Guide

April 2018


  1. Display and Browser Options
  2. About the Online Procedures
  3. Amendments
  4. Keywords and Search
  5. Register for Updates
  6. Printing and Retaining Copies
  7. Copyright

1. Display and Browser Options

People with a visual impairment may have difficulty accessing the online procedures.

To change the size of the text/layout - please use these accessibility buttons


which are on the menu bar on the left side of every screen. Click a larger button to increase your text size, the very largest being high visibility mode.

2. About the Online Procedures

2.1 Status

This is the latest edition of the Hull Children's Homes online procedures.

It supersedes and replaces all former / paper versions of the Children’s Homes Procedures which must no longer be used.

2.2 What is included

The online procedures are a complete set of  Children's Homes procedures which can be used in all Hull's children's homes. There are separate procedures that apply to the secure unit and these are kept there.

The site includes a linked version of the Children’s Homes Regulations and Quality Standards.

2.3 Using the Contents List

Chapters are categorised or grouped together as follows:

  • Parts: Procedures are categorised under a number of Service Sectors, e.g. 'Planning for Care';
  • Chapters: Under each Section, you will find individual Chapters/Procedures e.g. 'Admissions to the Home'.

3. Amendments

Where a chapter has been amended or is new, it is noted both on the Contents list and at the top of each chapter.

The Procedures are next due to be updated in October 2018.

Any comments or chapters that need to be included therefore should be sent to: Ruth Gray (

Click here to view details of updates made to the procedures.

4. Keywords and Search

4.1 Keywords

This site a large glossary (Keywords) of terms is available such as Significant Harm (Try it: click on the highlighted text). We call them 'Keywords'. Once clicked, the definitions will appear in a new window or tab, depending on your browser. You can leave it open for reference, or close it using the "close" button at the bottom.

4.2 Search

We have provided a Search function, available from the relevant button on the left hand menu bar. This will enable you to search for Chapter/Procedure titles and sub-sections within Chapters.

It will provide the best results if you know the title of the chapter or sub section, or if you have a good idea what the title is.

You may have to try different or alternative spellings/terms before you get the result you are looking for.

5. Register for Updates

We recommend that you register with us to automatically receive notification when the procedures is updated. Click on the ‘Register for Updates’ button on the left side of the screen, to complete and send your details to us.

6. Printing and Retaining Copies

The procedures should normally be viewed on line but can be printed, for reference only.

To print a chapter, click on the print icon icon which is in the top right hand corner of the relevant procedure

Please note, copies may be printed for reference only, they should not be retained for more than 3 working days or used for any other purpose (See Section 7, Copyright).

7. Copyright

The content of the procedures site can be accessed, printed and downloaded in an unaltered form, on a temporary basis, for personal study or reference purposes. However any content printed or downloaded may not be sold, licensed, transferred, copied or reproduced in whole or in part in any manner or in or on any media to any person without the prior written consent of tri.x.