Gift Giving and Receiving


  1. Introduction
  2. Gift Giving and Receiving in a Children's Home Setting

1. Introduction

Hull City Council has a Code of Conduct for Employees and Guidance Notes which have been placed in this section.

All staff and Home Managers are asked to read these two documents and consider how it affects their work with children and young people in a residential setting.

Where gifts are sent to individual members of staff that staff member must inform the Home Manager.

If gifts are small items such as chocolate or sweets, it would be acceptable for the gift to be kept and to be shared between staff and children in the Home

The Home Manager would acknowledge receipt of the gift and write to the sender on behalf of the Team and children.

2. Gift Giving and Receiving in a Children's Home Setting

Giving gifts should be discouraged in the Children's Home as it can cause many unforeseen complications among both staff and children living at the Home.

Gifts from children to staff

  • There will be occasions where the children or young people living at the Home may wish to give a gift to a member of staff and although the reasons are understandable they should be discouraged;
  • These occasions could include personal celebrations, when it is a member of staff's birthday or other personal celebration such as a new baby or a wedding. The young people may want to purchase a present but this should be discouraged;
  • Those young people who enjoy drawing and craft work may wish to make a card for the occasion and this should be encouraged as it will help to develop the child's art and literacy skills;
  • Alternatively a bought card could be signed by all the young people.

Accepting Gifts from family members to staff

  • It is unacceptable for any individual member of staff working at a Children's Home to accept a gift from a member of a child or young person's family;
  • This should be included in the Children's Home information for parents and carers explaining that the giving of gifts to any Hull City Council employee is not allowed.

Staff giving gifts and presents to children

  • As a general rule Staff will not give any child or young person an individual gift or present;
  • Giving children individual attention through gift giving could cause considerable difficulties for both the young person and the staff member;
  • The young person may be subjected to ridicule from the other children at the home;
  • The member of staff may have their actions questioned and they could be open to questions of showing favouritism to that particular child.

Exceptional situations

  • With the agreement of the Home Manager small gifts can be given to children on particular occasions such as birthdays, Christmas or other special occasions;
  • These gifts must be given with the consent of the Home Manager and not cost more than £10;
  • Where children give small gifts to staff on similar occasions these gifts will be recorded in the Daily Log and with the agreement of the Home Manager can be kept by the member of staff concerned;
  • Where these gifts are over expensive or frequent this will be discussed in staff meetings and individual supervision and it may be necessary to revise the Home's procedure on children giving gifts.