Sleeping In, Bedtime and Night Supervision

To ensure the safety of all children and young people residing in the Home, two members of staff will need to be sleeping-in every night. If at all possible the staff should be male and female.

There will be an agreed end of evening shift time, varying at weekends and during school holidays. Both members of staff should retire to their respective bedrooms at the same time.

  • If there are any disruptions at bed-time both members of staff will stay up until the Home is settled for the night. Additional staff might be called in if the need arises.
  • If a child or young person becomes ill it might be necessary for staff to monitor their well-being during the night. In this case, both members of staff shall enter the child or young person's bedroom during the night to check him or her at regular intervals.
  • Night Care Staff will be sought if the need arises for night supervision due to child protection issues. This will be organised by the Home Manager or Senior Care Officers as soon as possible.

Children or Young People

Bed times for children and young people should be age appropriate and extensions might be granted by agreement with the team on duty.

Time Age Group
8.15pm 8 years old, also 7.45 in some Homes
8.30pm 9 years old, also 8.15 in some Homes
8.45pm 10 years old
9.00pm 11 and 12 years old, also 9.15pm in some Homes
9.30pm 13 years old
10.00pm 14 years old
10.30pm 15 and 16 years old

At bed-time, Staff will make sure that appropriate supervision takes place to ensure that children or young people follow their bed time routine. Staff must also be vigilant in addressing any bullying or inappropriate behaviour.

Once children or young people are in bed, staff will check every bedroom to ensure that all doors are properly closed and that nobody can get into the children or young people's bedrooms.